Wed Dec 5 2018 Day 3
French:Finish the good copy of the movie summary by tomorrow.
Science:Pick a topic for the Space Project and study for the  Science Vocab Test on Dec 12
Wed Nov 28 2018 Day 8
Math:Question 14-17 and Extension Due Tomorrow
French:Allons au centre-ville Due Tomorrow
Science: Space Vocab Test Dec 12 2018
Mon Nov 26 2018 Day 6
Science Vocab Test Dec 12
Finish pet paragraph organizer and rough copy
Tomorrow Scientists in School!
Thurs Nov 22 Day 4
MATH: p 354 # 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 due tomorrow. Quiz signed by Monday'

Tues Nov 20 2018 Day 2
Scientists in school is happening on Monday.Pay $5 on School Cash Online or bring cash.
Paragraph organizer topic sentence due tomorrow.

Mon Nov 19 2018 Day 1


Homework this organizer is to be completed by Tuesday Nov 20.Please write your examples in full sentences.
This needs to be updated daily and placed in the assignment drop box at the end of each month.

Thurs Nov 15 2018 Day 10
Keep Calm Posters Due Monday 
Canada Mind Map Due Monday
Work on Science Essay Question
 Measurement Conversation Quiz on Monday
Research on City Assignment
Tues Nov 13 2018 Day 8
Math-sheet pg 55 #1+2
Sign Math Test for Thursday
Sign Health Assignment for Day 5 Period 2
Research about the City Assignment
Check Google Classroom
Bring a silent reading book to class
READ READ READ and.................READ

Fri Nov 9 2018 Day 6
Cedar Glen forms are now online.
Math-Read notes on place value
Science-Hot Air Balloon Observations Homework Due Monday
Science Unit Test on Nov 22

Thurs Oct 25
MATH: pg 414 #1,2,4,5 and 6 due Monday

Tues Oct 23
MATH: reflection question

Mon Oct 22.
MATH: multiplying decimals questions #1-3

Monday Oct 15. Day 7
LANG:Mind Maps of identity.

Thurs Oct 11. Day 5
MATH: questions in notebook #1-3

Weds. Oct 10. Day 4

MATH: pg 111 #2, 4, 5, 6

Weds. Oct 3. Day 1
MATH: Four questions that were circled. Exit ticket tomorrow 

Tues. Oct 2. Day 10
MATH: Sheet q #1-4. Bring back textbook form: Alina, Bara, Ghaneeyah, Aiden, Basel, Farhan, Sarah, Mohamad, Claudia

Mon. Oct 1. Day 9
Bring back textbook form